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Our sales team provide daily updates to this website on available cars in our inventory. All prices shown below are negotiable EXCEPT THOSE THAT ARE ALREADY ON SALE. Contact Us  or Request a Quote to learn more about our MASSIVE SALE! 



Name Model Year Make Model Price
H.A B282 2008 Honda Airwave


On Sale
H. C B200 2009 Honda Civic


H. F (RS) B275 2008 Honda Fit


On Sale
H. O B220 2008 Honda Odyssey


H. S B296 2008 Honda Stream

Deposited on!!!!!

H. S RSZ B298 2008 Honda Stream


H. S B299 2008 Honda Stream


H. S RSZ B297 2008 Honda Stream


H. S RSZ B295 2008 Honda Stream


H. S RSZ B294 2009 Honda Stream


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