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Our sales team provide daily updates to this website on available cars in our inventory. All prices shown below are negotiable EXCEPT THOSE THAT ARE ALREADY ON SALE. Contact Us  or Request a Quote to learn more about our MASSIVE SALE! 

Name Model Year Make Model Price
T.W B347 2012 Toyota Wish

Sale$2,299,000.00 deposit 50k or more!! **Conditions Apply**

On Sale
T.W B342 2010 Toyota Wish

Sale$1,899,000.00 Come & make a deposit! *Conditions Apply!!

On Sale
T.W B341 2010 Toyota Wish

Sale$1,869,000.00 Deposit $50K or more *Conditions Apply*

On Sale
S.I B506 2008 Subaru Impreza Wagon

Sale$1,399,000.00 Deposit 50k or more!! **Conditions Apply**

On Sale
S.L B500 2008 Subaru Legacy

Sale$1,689,000.00 Deposit 50k or more!! *Conditions Apply!

On Sale
M.D S17 2008 Mazda Demio

On Sale$1,049,000.00 Deposit 50k or more *Conditions Apply*

On Sale
M. P B118 2011 Mazda Premacy

sale$1,599,000.00 Deposit 50k or more ***Conditions Apply***

On Sale
M. P B114 2008 Mazda Premacy

sale$1,289,000.00 deposit 50k or more **Conditions Apply**

On Sale
M.P B120 2008 Mazda Premacy

On sale$1,279,000.00 Deposit 50k or more *Conditions Apply*

On Sale
N.B B441 2011 Nissan Bluebird

Sale $1,849,000.00 deposit 50k or more *Conditions apply

On Sale

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